Recent happenings

Bill’s Original in THe Craft house!

On Frankfort Ave, there lies a brand new restaurant with an array of local craft beers called The Crafthouse! Check out our original on the signature burger, Bill’s team has had a few and they approve with overwhelming praise!

Bill’s Cheese at Taste of Derby 2017 this year!

Check out our spread at Slugger Field this year on the outdoor concourse, hope its sunny!

Bill’s Famous Cheese Spreads has NEW CONTAINERS!

Oh yes folks you’ll see them in stores, new tamper-proof, heavy duty containers with up to 12 full ounces!

NEW locations!

Be on the lookout for all 4 flavors at Paul’s Fruit Market on Brownsboro Rd. (near Ballard HS), our Original at Fern Creek Party Center (summertime only) and Cox’s Smokers Outlet (Hubbards Ln)!

NEWSFLASH! A new cheese on the market!

Bill is very happy to announce his 4th and NEWEST Cheese Spread, Bill’s Famous Bourbon Pecan Spread! Available to customers the week of Christmas in various stores (note: the Liquor Barn on Shelbyville Rd is the only Liquor Barn that carries this spread right now, thanks for your cooperation!), please grab some for the holidays to you and yours! A rich & creamy taste for any occasion w/ a light kick of bourbon will get your taste-buds workin buddy...Try it with a sliced granny apple, toasted bagels or a simple dip of the finger!

Bill’s Cheese WINS Best Food Award!

Well folks The 2012 Brew at the Zoo was another success and Bill even brought home some hardware! Yes thats right, Bill’s Famous Cheese Spreads won the prestigious Top Food Award this year for 2012! Wow, Bill would like to thank all of his supporters and the staff at the Louisville Zoo, with over 3,000 people, 20 plus great restaurants and bars it was very humbling to find out we had won. He would also like to give a shout-out to his Sampling Booth Crew which consisted of his son, Gerry Renders, Kristen Blythe, Martin Newberry & last but not least, Jason Bishop! They rocked the Oasis Tent! Thanks again and remember, GET CHEESY WITH BILL!

Look for us at Brew at the Zoo August 25th!

As usual, Bill’s Famous Cheese Spreads will be sampling at one of our favorite events, Brew at the Zoo! Look for family & friends working the booth around all the beers in the area under the big ol tent at the top of the hill! Who knows, there might even be a Bill sighting round there! We’ll be goin all day into sundown and as you already know, well outlast em all, so we hope to see ya there!

Brew at the Zoo another SUCCESS!

Bill’s Famous Spread’s was at Brew at the Zoo Saturday, from 4:00 to 8:00 and sampled all 3 flavors! It was our 5th year and we had a blast as always, if you have never been to this event you must go next year, thanks to all who stopped by our booth and got “cheesy will Bill!”

Bill’s Famous Spreads now at Sano’s Deli & Market!

We are please to announce in Somerset, KY Sano’s Market & Deli is now carrying Bill’s Famous Cheese, Gouda and Dill Spreads. So if your ever in the area stop on in and see em, they’ve got everything you need!

We’ll miss you Doll’s Market!

We are so sorry to here that longstanding Doll’s Market recently went out of business in Crescent Hill. That was one of our favorite stores and I know their loyal customers will miss them, I know we sure will. They sold the heck outta Bill’s Spreads and we were very happy to be there. We wish them well and maybe they will find new, lucrative location in the future! (7-28-11)

Bills Famous Cheese Original at Bottles Unlimited!

We are proud to announce Bill’s Famous Original Cheese Spread are now in Bottles Unlimited located in New Albany, Indiana on State Street! Please check out their new store and also check out their Friday night Wine Tastings, where Bill’s is represented from time to time!

Bill’s Famous Spreads is now in Valumarket!

We are pleased to announce that Bill’s Famous Cheese Spread, Bill’s Famous Gouda Spread & Bill’s Famous Dill Spread have all recently been added to all Valumarket Stores in Kentucky! Please look for us in the following locations: Mid City Mall, Outer Loop Plaza, Iroquois Manor, Mt. Washington & last but not least, Hurstbourne Plaza. Our 3 flavors are located in and around the deli area, so if your having trouble finding please ask those guys and they will be happy to help! (4-16-11)

Bills Famous Cheese is in The Bard’s Town!

We are happy to announce Bill’s Famous Cheese Spread has recently been added to the great new Highland restaurant, The Bard’s Town! With the great food and family atmosphere we are happy as mice to have our cheese on their menu as an appetizer served with their ever popular pretzel bread, they call it “Billy’s Cheese”! so head on down to The Bard’s Town for food, fun, and all the other great attractions they are offering. (2-10-11)

Cafe Lou Lou times 2!

Chef Clay Wallace of Cafe Lou Lou has added Bill’s Famous Original spread to the menu for their newest store located in the Douglas Loop on Dundee Road. The appetizer is listed the same as the Sears Ave. location, “Wild Bill’s Famous Cajun Spread.” This is one of our favorite local restaurants, so we’re thrilled to be in both of them! The 2 locations are on Sears Avenue in St. Matthews and Dundee Road in the Douglas Loop, so stop by and check it out! (9-21-10)

Appetizer @ at Shenanigan’s and still goin strong!

Shenanigan’s Irish Pub on Norris Place has been a long time favorite hangout for the Renders family. Order up some Bill’s Famous Cheese Spread listed on their appetizer menu! Shenanigan’s is known for having great food and a friendly atmosphere, so stop by and try some Bill’s Cheese along with your favorite brew!

THE BEST - Courier-Journal

We were thrilled to find that Bill’s Famous Spreads was featured in the Courier-Journal’s August 25th issue of “The Best.” This weekly feature in the Scene is “a continuing search for the best of everything” and we couldn’t be happier to be included. A special thanks to local freelance writer, Kristen Blythe, for submitting the article and her support of our product and to the Courier-Journal. We’ve tried most of the past products featured and just hope we can measure up!

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© 2017 PBG Enterprises :: P.O. Box 21451 Louisville KY 40221 :: 502.608.5970 :: Bill's Famous Spreads